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CURAC/ARUCC is the federation of retiree associations at colleges and universities across Canada. CURAC/ARUCC est la fédération des associations de retraités des universités et collèges du Canada. CURAC/ARUCC is a non-profit federation of retiree organizations at colleges and universities across Canada. Its primary aims are to coordinate activities that promote communication among member organizations, to share information, provide mutual assistance, and speak publicly on issues of common concern to its more than fifteen thousand members across Canada.


Bulletins are short statements approved by the CURAC/ARUCC Board of Directors issued from time to time on matters of broad interest.

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Expanded Travel Opportunities for CURAC Retiree Association Members June 2015 Bulletin #6 above above, repeated here FYI

Congratulations to the Retirees’ Association of Queen’s for an excellent Annual Conference. Conference Details and reports from the AGM and the Board meetings will be posted ASAP, along with the results of the Friday afternoon sessions. The webmaster has had to cope with the Stygian task of bringing a lot of material together and to keep his commitment to other organizations and activities in check. “Stuff” will be posted ASAP.

CURAC/ARUCC 2015 AGM Agenda and Reports are available HERE

2015 CURAC/ARUCC Annual Conference Travel Subsidy Policy and Travel Subsidy application forms

2015 Annual Conference

Grant Hall, Queen's University

Grant Hall, Queen’s University

The 2015 CURAC/ARUCC Annual Conference was held at Queen’s University in Kingston, Ontario, from May 20 to May 22, 2015. The theme was “Looking Ahead.”

The Program details are available by clicking here.



Newsletter No. 19 Spring 2015 / Printemps 2015 numéro 19. Click “NEWSLETTERS” above for the electronic pdf versions.



 2015/04/17 CURAC announces 2015 CURAC/ARUCC National Award Winners (Click here..)



2015/04/15 This is an important communication from CURAC/ARUCC to members and member associations from CURAC Secretary, Edgar Williams.

To: CURAC Member Associations

Attached is a joint letter to be forwarded to federal, provincial and territorial Finance Ministers and Finance Critics as we lead up to the federal budget.  CURAC/ARUCC has endorsed this letter and I forward to you for information and for any action your may wish to take. The issues raised are important to all of us and it would be appropriate that the letter be given as wide a distribution as possible.

Ed Williams Secretary      View attachment



CURAC Policy on Population Aging and Long Term National Strategies for Seniors  February 2015. Together with this post is a Letter from the Federal Minister of Health, the Hon. Rona Ambrose, and a reply to her letter from CURAC President, Dr. Sandra Pyke



 The current CARP Membership Form is now available. Click the “CARP Membership” link under the “Benefits” button to the right for information about signing up for, or renewing, a CARP Membership at a special reduced rate for retirees belonging to retiree associations that are CURAC/ARUCC members.



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