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Notice of CURAC/ARUCC 2017 AGM

Please click to download the formal announcement of the 2017 CURAC/ARUCC Annual General Meeting. The Officer and Committee Reports package is available for download by clicking here. Voting delegates and those eligible for travel support please be aware of the Travel Subsidy Policy currently in force, as described in the AGM Notice above. Please Click here for a revised travel subsidy claim form, in Microsoft Word, which should be used by delegates seeking travel support.

What's new on curac.ca:

  • The latest 2017 CURAC/ARUCC Carleton University Conference program is now available. Please consult Conferences > 2017 Carleton.
  • A new issue of CURAC/ARUCC Newsletter/Bulletin is now available to the CURAC community here and under the Newsletters tab. The new blog format will support increased frequency of publications and interactions with individuals and Member Associations.
  • In this new issue an article appears titled "MCMASTER HAS A REMEDY FOR DR. GOOGLE'S ADVICE". The article describes to curac.ca Newsletter readers the McMaster Optimal Aging Portal. Ce portail est également disponible en français. Veuillez voir ici. Both portals are available through Facebook/CURAC Editorial Pages.
  • Kudos to Bev Stefureak, Chair of the Benefits Committee (bev.stefureak@utoronto.ca ) for organizing the Benefits Network Communications tab, and to George Brandei (Queen's RAQ) for the first posting for this tab. Bev plans to work closely with the Webmaster to provide Network Communications data and information in a timely fashion for CURAC/ARUCC members.
  • It's Membership renewal time. For more details, consult Membership&Benefits > Applications&Forms > Membership.
  • New! For important information about CURAC/ARUCC sponsored travel/trip cancellation insurance and extended health benefits insurance, consult Membership&Benefits > Benefits > Trip&Health Insurance.
  • Click here for an important letter from CURAC/ARUCC President Ken Craig, outlining the benefits of membership in CURAC/ARUCC.

Taking the Pulse of Seniors' Health Care in 2016

Taking the Pulse of Seniors’ Health Care in 2016 was prepared by the CURAC Health Care Policy Committee. It has been forwarded to the Council of the Federation comprising all 13 provincial Premiers, the Prime Minister and the federal ministers of Health and Finance.