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The 2017 CURAC/ARUCC Conference and AGM is now history. A more complete recounting of this very successful meeting will appear shortly in an upcoming issue of the Newsletter/Bulletin. PDF copies of the 2017 Conference speakers' slides are now available in Conferences. To the Carleton University Retirees' Association: Well done!

TRAVEL PLANNING? For a unique travel opportunity, be sure to look at CURAC's proposal for the Iceland: fire and ice tour by clicking here or following the link in Membership&Benefits > Benefits for Members > Special Travel Opportunity
CURAC has now had two successful years of partnership with Collette Travel. Members planning future travel may wish to check out the broad range of tours available to them through the Collette partnership by clicking here or following the link in Membership&Benefits > Benefits for Members > Collette: Guided by Travel

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  • The latest issue of the CURAC/ARUCC Newsletter is now available. Its link is in Newsletters > CURAC/ARUCC Newsletters. It is also available by clicking here.
  • The University of Alberta Association of Professors Emeriti Newsletter has been added to the "Member Association Newsletters" page. Be sure to check it out, and note whether we have kept your own Newsletter listing up to date. Contact the webmaster if that is not the case.
  • The annual list of CURAC/ARUCC Award holders is now available here under awards-2017.
  • Kudos to Bev Stefureak, Chair of the Benefits Committee ( ) for organizing the Benefits Network Communications tab, and to George Brandei (Queen's RAQ) for the first posting for this tab. Bev plans to work closely with the Webmaster to provide Network Communications data and information in a timely fashion for CURAC/ARUCC members.
  • New! For important information about CURAC/ARUCC sponsored travel/trip cancellation insurance and extended health benefits insurance, consult Membership&Benefits > Benefits > Trip&Health Insurance.
  • Click here for an important letter from CURAC/ARUCC Past President Ken Craig, outlining the benefits of membership in CURAC/ARUCC.

Taking the Pulse of Seniors' Health Care in 2016

Taking the Pulse of Seniors’ Health Care in 2016 was prepared by the CURAC Health Care Policy Committee. It has been forwarded to the Council of the Federation comprising all 13 provincial Premiers, the Prime Minister and the federal ministers of Health and Finance.