Bulletins are short statements approved by the CURAC/ARUCC Board of Directors and are issued from time to time on matters of broad interest.

No. 14 – AFCs- what are they and what has been accomplished (November 2017)   (PDF)
No. 14 – Les collectivités amies des aînés (November 2017)   (PDF)

No. 13 – Mental Health of Seniors (February 2017)   (PDF)

No. 12 – Palliative Care/End of Life Care: What do we need? (June 2016)   (PDF)

No. 11 – Sunny Days for Healthcare? Reflections from the CURAC Health Care Policy Committee (January 2016)   (PDF)

No. 10 – Roundtable Report on Recruiting New Members to Retiree Associations: CURAC Conference Discussion Group Session Held May 22, 2015   (PDF)

No. 9 – Isn’t it Time for a National Pharmacare Plan for Canada? (September 2015)   (PDF)

No. 8 – Directors’ Liability Insurance: A Discussion Paper on Legal Liability, Risk Management and the Role of Directors in Non-Profit Organizations (June 2015)   (PDF)

No. 7 – Termination or Surrender of Life Insurance by Seniors (June 2015)   (PDF)

No. 6 – Expanded Travel Opportunities for Retiree Association Members (June 2015)   (PDF)

No. 5 – CURAC Campus Parking Summary (January 2015)   (PDF)

No. 4 – CHT Reform is Inadequate and Inequitable (January 2014)   (PDF)

No. 3 – Selected Highlights from the CAUT Almanac 2013 – 2014   (PDF)

No. 2 – Summary of “In Defense of Medicare” (May 2013)   (PDF)

No. 1 – Annual Report of the CURAC Pension Committee (April 2012)   (PDF)