Awards 2014

Presented at the CURAC/ARUCC Annual Conference,  McMaster University,  May 2014

Contribution to CURAC/ARUCC Award

Dr. Jack Boan
University of Regina Retirees Association
Nominated by Edgar Williams, CURAC/ARUCC Awards Secretary
Awarded May 29, 2014

Jack Boan has a secret for longevity. At a celebration marking his 96th birthday held at the Regina University Club, he said: “I chose my parents very carefully,” to the laughs and delight of the crowd of professors, staff, and friends.

Jack was born December 16, 1917 in Briercrest, just southeast of Moose Jaw. After serving with the Royal Canadian Air Force during World War II, he earned a BA in History and Political Economy from the University of Saskatchewan, and then earned a PhD in Agricultural Economics from Ohio State University.  He worked for the Canada Department of Agriculture, and during the 1950s was a sessional lecturer in economics at the University of Alberta.

In 1962, Jack became an associate professor of economics at the Regina Campus of the University of Saskatchewan, and when he first started lecturing, classes were held at what now is known as the College Avenue Campus.

Jack remembers when the new campus – now known as the main campus – opened in 1965. “As I walked through the mud to the new campus, my feet became about ten times larger than normal because of all of the mud that accumulated on my shoes,” he recalls. The campus then consisted of just two buildings – the Classroom Building and the Lab Building. He remembers that “We had the Library on the fourth floor of the Classroom Building, until the Library building was completed.”

Since his official retirement in 1983, Jack  has remained very busy. He was a visiting scholar at the University of Edinburgh in Scotland. He taught a number of classes at the University of Regina. He wrote papers, briefs, and studies on health care issues. He reviewed articles and edited books. He wrote and delivered lectures at conferences. He founded the Canadian Health Economic Research Association. He was awarded the University of Regina Board of Governors Distinguished Service award in 2006. He was active in community organizations, including the University of Regina Group for Refugees and the John Howard Society. He has also been involved with the United Way and the Early Learning Centre.

In addition, Jack was an early proponent for the establishment of a national organization of college and university retirees. Not only did he support this idea, he saw it come to fruition with the formation of CURAC/ARUCC in 2002. And he has been a strong supporter right up to the present day. He has served as the official delegate representing the University of Regina Retirees Association and was Chair of the Local Organizing Committee for the 2011CURAC/ARUCC Annual Conference and AGM. He has also served on the Health Care Policy Committee which has benefited from his extensive knowledge and experience especially as one who served with Emmett Hall during the initial implementation of Medicare in this country.

As for turning 96 last year,  he says “I’m surprised that I’m still here. I never expected to live this long. I never really took care of myself. I worked hard. I smoked until 1963, and I drank, but never to excess. I never did any phys ed until about ten years ago.”

While he may joke about choosing his parents carefully, they are indeed a big reason for his longevity:  his mother lived to 92, and his father to 97.

It is my pleasure to announce that Dr. Jack Boan, University of Regina Academic and Administrative Pensioners Association, is the first recipient of the “Contribution to CURAC/ARUCC Award”. I can think of no other more worthy candidate at this time. He is without doubt one of our most accomplished older Canadians (I will not refer to him as a senior citizen) who is deserving of this award not just because of his long and valuable service but because he is an all-around nice guy.

Awards were also presented to retiring Board members

Joan Cunnington
Ontario Colleges Retirees Association

Joan served with distinction on the CURAC Board for eight years and is best known as the Editor of the CURAC/ARUCC Newsletter. Her dedication to this task was appreciated by all and we offer our best wishes to her and her husband.


June Panteluk
University of Alberta Association of Professors Emeriti

June served on the CURAC/ARUCC Board for five years and is best known as the association Treasurer. I am sure that she will enjoy a well-deserved rest and we offer her our best wishes in all future endeavours.



In absentia:

Patti Stoll
Ontario Colleges Retirees’ Association

Patti served on the Board since 2011 and is best known as Chair of the Benefits Committee. She help compile a survey of benefits across the country and then establish a new-work of members at the local level who could keep us informed of any changes in the available benefits. We offer Patti our very best and hope that she will see fit to get involved again.

Bryan Harvey
University of Saskatchewan Retirees Association

Bryan served for one year as Chair of the Communication Committee. Unfortunately, his busy schedule did not permit him to engage as much as he had hoped in CURAC/ARUCC affairs. We wish him well.

The Local Organizing Committee
McMaster University and Mohawk College

Mary Johnston, on behalf of the Local Organizing Committee, accepted an award of thanks from CURAC/ARUCC for the superb arrangements evident at the 2014 AGM and Conference. The dedication of all who volunteered to assist with the planning and execution of this meeting is very much appreciated. CURAC/ARUCC is pleased to recognize and salute all who contributed.