Archives Committee

The Archives Committee shall:

  • determine and compile a list of CURAC records deemed to be of archival value;
  • ensure that such records are transferred to the Queen’s University Archive;
  • make recommendations to the CURAC Board on any issue relating to the archival records of CURAC or its member associations.

Awards Committee

The Awards Committee shall:

  1. recommend for Board consideration candidates deemed worthy to receive a CURAC Award;
  2. coordinate the presentation of awards, normally at the Annual Conference;
  3. promote CURAC Awards to the general membership and ensure that an appropriate nomination form is available on our web-site;
  4. ensure that an appropriate certificate is prepared for presentation to each Award winner and that a Presidential Citation is prepared for the Awards Ceremony;
  5. ensure that the names of each Award Winner and the Presidential Citation is posted on the CURAC Web-site;

Benefits Committee

The Benefits Committee shall:

  1. monitor retiree benefit plans and associated policies and practices in Canadian Colleges and Universities;
  2. conduct comparative surveys of benefits provided by member associations, and compile and report to the Board on the survey results; and
  3. determine and report on benefit “best practices” across the nation;
  4. report to the Board whenever requested to do so.

Board Conference Committee

The Board Conference Committee shall:

  1. be responsible for making a formal request to member associations at least one year in advance to host an annual conference;
  2. recommend for Board approval a member association that has agreed to host an annual conference together with the Chair(s) of the Local Organizing Committee;
  3. provide assistance to the local organizing committee in planning for the conference;
  4. ensure that the proposed program for the annual conference is approved by the Board and that an announcement is communicated to all member associations in the Newsletter and on the Webpage.
  5. assist with national fundraising for the conference;
  6. ensure that a complete report, including a final financial report, of the Conference is forwarded to the Board within three months after the conference;

Communications Committee

The Communications Committee shall:

  1. coordinate both internal and external communications of the association;
  2. provide assistance to the editor(s) of the association Newsletter whenever requested and ensure that the Newsletter is published according to the schedule approved by the Board
  3. solicit articles for the association Bulletin, normally published four times per year;
  4. work with the web manager to ensure that the webpage is current and that approved items are posted on the page by the web manager as expeditiously as possible;
  5. ensure that the translation of documents is done in a timely manner.

Finance Committee

The Finance Committee shall:

  1. oversee the financial position of CURAC and when deemed appropriate advise the Board on any required actions that may be taken;
  2. seek ways to improve the financial position of the association when deemed necessary;
  3. consider issues such as the Board Travel Subsidy Policy and recommend any actions deemed necessary;

Health Care Policy Committee

The Health Care Policy Committee shall:

  1. monitor developments in federal and provincial healthcare policies;
  2. develop policy recommendations for Board consideration and do so in consultation with member associations whenever possible;
  3. prepare one or more (as needed) health care policy briefs for dissemination internally to the membership and externally, as recommended by the Committee including and approved by the Board;
  4. report to the Board at each meeting and prepare an annual report for consideration at the AGM.

Membership Committee

The Membership Committee shall:

  1. be responsible for identifying and recruiting eligible new member associations;
  2. monitor on an annual basis member association renewals and ensure that all associations are reminded of the deadline for membership renewals;
  3. collect, maintain and up-date as necessary member association contact information.

Nominating Committee

The Nominating Committee shall:

  1. be appointed annually by the Board;
  2. issue a call in the association Newsletter or by other means for nominations to fill anticipated vacancies on the CURAC Board of Directors;
  3. request a brief biography for each nominee plus a recent photo;
  4. prepare and recommend a slate of nominees to the Annual General Meeting subject to the condition that every effort be made to ensure that there is a balance of gender and geographic region and that half the Board is elected each year;
  5. report to the Board as necessary;

Pensions Committee

The Pensions Committee may:

  1. gather data regarding provisions of pension plans at Canadian colleges and universities and elsewhere, actual pension benefits flowing to pensioners, rates of return on pension funds, incomes of seniors and other data relevant to the pensions and wellbeing of seniors, particularly those who have retired from Canadian colleges and universities;
  2. identify other groups addressing pension issues in Canada and, with prior authorization from the Board, co-operate with such groups; and
  3. monitor pension-related issues in various jurisdictions and bring these to the attention of the President or Board as appropriate.
  4. incur expenses to carry out their duties if approved in advance by the Board,
  5. prepare and, with prior Board authorization, submit briefs or submissions to governments or other public agencies on pension issues that may affect our current (and future) members.
  6. provide advice, at the request of the Board, to individual CURAC members regarding specific pension issues at their institutions. It also may assist with advocacy, upon request; and may, with prior Board authorization, make submissions to appropriate bodies governing pension administration at these institutions.

NOTE: Post-retirement non-pension benefits, such as group life or casualty insurance, travel insurance, supplementary medical or dental coverage, or assistance with housing are excluded from the mandate of the Committee and are the responsibility of the Benefits Committee.


Constitution Committee

The Constitution Committee shall:

  1. monitor the association by-laws and recommend to the Board any amendments that may become necessary;
  2. submit, as appropriate, any amendments for consideration at the next Annual General Meeting

Professional Support Committee

The Professional Support Committee shall:

  1. investigate and monitor how national institutions and agencies can best be encouraged to give material support for continuing professional work-opportunities for university and college retirees;
  2. be concerned to convince, through CURAC, academic institutions and granting agencies, on behalf of retired but active researchers and other professionals, of the need for financial and infrastructure support for continuing professional activities (including the provision of campus based Retiree Centres).

Strategic Plan Committee

The Strategic Plan Committee shall:

  1. review the existing strategic plan when deemed appropriate and if deemed necessary, seek input from the Board and/or members associations;
  2. submit any proposed amendments to the Board for approval;
  3. monitor, on at least an annual basis, the extent to which the provisions of the plan are being realized and report to the Board on any issues in need of attention.

Annual Conference Local Organizing Committee

The Local Organizing Committee shall:

  1. be the host committee responsible for organizing all aspects of the Annual Conference;
  2. in Cooperation with the Board Conference Committee, determine the nature and scope of the Conference program;
  3. be responsible for raising sufficient funds to host the Conference independently;
  4. keep the CURAC Board informed through written reports for consideration at meetings and teleconferences;
  5. submit a final conference Report to the CURAC Board within two months after the end of the Conference.


  1. CAUT:  Canadian Assn. of University Teachers
  2. AROHE:  Assn. of Retirement Organizations in Higher Ed.
  3. AWB:  Academic without Borders
  4. CARP:  Canadian Assn. of Retired Persons
  5. CAUS:  Canadian Alliance of United Seniors
  6. CICAN:  Colleges and Institutes Canada (Formerly ACCC, the Assn. of Canadian Community Colleges)
  7. CT:  Collette Travel
  8. CPA-SPAR:  Can. Psychological Association: Section on Psychologists and Retirement
  9. CURC:  Congress of Union Retirees of Canada
  10. CFP:
  11. ES:  Economical Select
  12. LR:  Literary Review
  13. SAC:  Seniors Advisory Committee
  14. UC:  Universities Canada (Formerly AUCC, Assn. of Universities and Colleges of Canada
  15. VC:  Volunteer Canada
  16. LRC:  Literary Review of Canada