Policy Statements

Policy Statements are occasional statements from CURAC/ARUCC which originate from one of the Board Standing Committees or are adopted at CURAC Conferences. Many appear as “Bulletins”. Bulletins of substance, along with other policy statements are listed here. Click to read.

Bulletin No. 12 Palliative Care/End of Life Care: What do we need?

Bulletin No. 11 Sunny Days for Health Care?: Reflections from the CURAC Health Care Policy Committee

Bulletin No. 9 Isn’t it time for a national pharmacare plan for Canada?…

Bulletin No. 8 Directors Liability Insurance: a Discussion Paper on Legal Liability, Risk Management and the Role of Directors in Non-Profit Organizations June 2015

Bulletin No. 7 Termination or Surrender of Life Insurance by Seniors June 2015_2 -404 error

Bulletin No. 4 CHT Reform is Inadequate and Inequitable

Bulletin No. 2 On Wellness, and Summary of “In Defense of Medicare”

Invitation to CURAC Members (and Association Members) to Join the Discussion on Canada’s Healthcare System (December 2012)

Taking Retirees Seriously (Adopted in 2010)

Retiree Benefits (Adopted in 2005)

CAUT Policy Statement on Retirement (Revised in 2009)