The terms of agreement for says “one URL, one website”. Except for the Webmaster. there will not be privileged access to the URL.
Here are three alternatives, which help organize material generated by this group.

Blog alternative

  • Clicking here will bring up the Benefits Committee Blog
  • This is a test blog. For a particular subject, the Webmaster must set the original blog page, and those who wish to comment can do so, after identifying themselves. If a robot or spammer invades, action will have to be taken. The webmaster will censor unwanted invasions.
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    Facebook Secret Group

  • Clicking here will bring up the CURAC Benefits Committee Secret FaceBook Group.
  • Rather than dismiss this as unworkable, based on hearsay, it is recommended that the benefits committee look at establishing a secret, closed, “invitation only” Facebook group. Everyone using Facebook will be assigned “admin” privilege, so they can initiate discussions. This is organized based on the calendar, and everyone who is admin will get a copy of any posting. The individual postings will remain, along with comments. This is VERY secure, and almost completely self-organized. DON’T DISCOUNT IT

    Mail to Benefits Committee Chair cc a collection email address

  • Clicking here will bring up a standard message to the benefits committee chair, cc the collection email address started by the Benefits Committee members themselves for posting on the Benefits working group page
  • The webmaster will NOT be assembling web material! One of the Benefits persons will collect the emails, periodically. They will be regularly be compiled into a pdf file, based on the subject header. The webmaster will post them under the “Benefits” tab. The webmaster is willing to generate as many email templates with subject headers as needed.