2016 CURAC/ARUCC Saskatchewan Conference and AGM

2016 CURAC/ARUCC Saskatchewan Conference and AGM

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The University of Saskatchewan Retirees Association is hosting the 2016 CURAC/ARUCC Annual Conference and AGM. Advance information is being posted here as it becomes available, and on the USRA website (click above). The 2016 CURAC Annual Conference and AGM will be held May 25-27 at the University of Saskatchewan, Saskatoon.

In accordance with CURAC/ARUCC By-laws, this is to advise that the Annual General Meeting of CURAC/ARUCC will he held on Friday, May 27, 2016, 10:30 AM to 12:00 Noon at the University of Saskatchewan, Saskatoon.

Voting Delegates: Section 4 (Definition): Each member association in good standing Section 2 (Definition) is entitled to appoint a delegate who shall be the association’s voting delegate at the AGM. National Directors who are not association voting delegates are also entitled to vote.

The Secretary will compile a list of voting delegates based on the names submitted by member associations. Each member association is requested to submit to the Secretary, normally by March 31, the name and email address of the association voting delegate who plans to attend the AGM. This is important in order to comply with the governance legislation required by the federal Not-for Profit Act.

CURAC/ARUCC has adopted a Travel Subsidy Policy for voting delegates. A copy of this policy and the 2016 Travel Subsidy Application Form is available by clicking here.

A voting delegate, not in receipt of full travel support from a local association to attend the AGM, may apply for a travel subsidy. For the 2016 AGM, the following travel subsidy amounts have been approved: (a) NL and the Maritimes, at most $175.00; (b) Quebec and Ontario, at most $125.00; (c) Manitoba, Alberta and BC at most $75.00. The total available delegate subsidy shall not exceed $1,000.00. Each application for a 2016 Travel subsidy will be referred to the Treasurer who shall, in consultation with the President, notify the applicant of any available subsidy.

Ed Williams
February 4, 2016