Fall 2017 Newsletter

Newsletter MastheadFall 2017

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Table of Contents

  1. An association for all University and college retirees
  2. Ed Williams tribute
  3. Jack Boan celebrates 100th birthday
  4. A thoughtful “conversation” forum – For journalists and academics
  5. Dalhousie University’s 200th anniversary celebrations includes the 2018 CURAC/ARUCC annual conference
  6. Economical Select CURAC Conference Academic Award
  7. CURAC/ARUCC Call for Nominations 2018
  8. Age-Friendly Communities: What are they and what has been accomplished?
  9. Retirees buying coverage: An insurance report
  10. Colorado Rockies tour impresses Canadian visitor
  11. Guelph Retiree Adventurers Explore the North
  12. Adventurous Learning: A visit to the Islands of the People
  13. Être grands-parents, devenir grands-parents